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Freddy Bad Mood - Oct 2017
Our goat Freddy got out of the wrong side of bed this morning.

Three baby goats
19th June 2017

Sheep Shearing 2017 4K
Filmed @ Wood Barn Farm on Sunday 18th June 2017

Big Baby Ducks 2017 4K
Filmed Sunday 11th June 2017. 9 Left, we think 1 has flown.

Lambs 13-May-2017
First lambs of 2017

Baby Ducks 2017 - 36 days
Ducks at 36 days

Lambs 16-May-2017
More 2017 lambs

Baby Ducks 2017 - 1 Day Old
Our 2017 batch of ducklings

Goats - Pickles New Borns
New born goats 17th May 2016

1 Day Old Baby Goat
14th May 2016 - Wood Barn Farm Marlow

More Lambs 5th May
Two black lambs born 14:30pm

Two more lambs on the farm.
6:30am 5th May 2016.

Pheasant Chicks 1st Sighting
First sighting of our pheasant chicks. She has been brooding them under a pile of old wood at the back of the garden for many weeks.

Bee's March 2015
This video is about Bee's March 2015

Baby Goats Day 3
Our baby goats go outside for the first time

Baby Goats Day 1
This video is about Baby Goats Day 1

Bees June 2014 - Checking H6 28th June 2014
Checking Hive 6. Marlow Bucks, 28th June 2014

Springfields Ducks, One Month Old, May 2013
Our wild mallard ducks, born Friday 24th April 2013. Footage of Mummy duck & 11 ducklings one month after hatching. Filmed in 1080P on a Panasonic HC X800

Springfields - Baby Ducks, Spring 2013
Our wild mallard ducks, born Friday 24th April 2013. Footage of Mummy duck & 13 ducklings and then some days later doing ducky things in the pond. Filmed in 1080P on a Panasonic HC X800

Pygmy goats birth 2012
March 21st, 6:15am. Betty our goat giving birth to two kids. First one had just arrived as I started filming. Second birth started about 10 minutes later. One girl (First), one boy.

Swarming Bees 2011
My bees swarming very early, in April.(H4) The warm weather in the UK has caused them to swarm at least three weeks earlier than last year. I was one my way to go through the hive to manipulate them so I could stop them swarming. Obviously I too late! I did successfully catch the prime swarm and that is now in H5

Baby Mallard Ducks, 14 Days Old
Baby mallard ducks, 14 days old. Marlow, Bucks

Baby Duckies 2011
Baby mallard ducks, one day old. Marlow, Bucks

Sheep, Marlow Nov 2010
Rudoph, Davina, Sally and Sweety, our sheep being fed on a cold November morning.

Emperor Dragonfly
Emperor dragonfly laying eggs in my pond in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England

Mallard Baby Ducks
Our wild Mallard duck leading her newly hatched chicks to water.

Duckcam 1
9 baby ducks just in our duck house. Born yesterday. 12/5/2010

Red Kites 2009
Red kites nesting in Marlow Buckinghamshire as featured on Countryfile in 2009.

Goats In Snow HQ
Pigmy goats Betty, Freddy and Frank are not so sure about seeing snow for the first time.

Pygmy Goats
Film of our three pygmy goats aged 7 Months. Freddy, Frank and Betty. Taken November 2009